BPHL On-Ice Rules

1. All players must wear a helmet. Players under 18 years of age must have full face protection (i.e. cage).
2. All players must wear their team's jersey.
3. No checking is allowed.
4. No red line.
5. No touch up is required for icing.
6. No fighting.
7. A game consists of 3 periods played with a 12 minute stop clock.
8. Minor penalties last for 1 minute 30 seconds.
9. The referee's on-ice decisions are final.
10. Due to ice time restrictions, there are no time outs.
11. Shootouts are as follows:
     The visiting team shoots first, best of three shooters per team.
     If the game is still tied after three rounds, the shootout will proceed to the "sudden death" format used by the NHL. Each team will be given one more shot, or round, until the tie is broken.
12. A player in the penalty box at the end of regulation time may not participate in a shootout.
13. 15 total penalty minutes results in a 1-game suspension. An additional 1-game suspension will be given when a player reaches 25 penalty minutes.
14. Verbal abuse of the referees or the off-ice official will not be tolerated. The following progressive discipline will apply:
     1. Verbal Warning
     2. Minor Penalty
     3. Game Ejection
15. All game suspensions are at the board's discretion.
16. There will be no replacement of players for any reason whatsoever.
17. To be eligible to play, all players must sign and date the league waiver.
18. A team that has less than 6 players, may recruit any player(s) not to excede the number of players on the other team. If a member of that team shows up to play, the recruited player must leave the game. Recruited players must be a registered player from one of the other B.P.H.L. teams.
19. In case of a tie at end of the regular season, the tie breaker goes as follows.
2.Head to Head
3.Goals For
4.Goals Against
20. The BPHL Board reserves the right of refusal.
21. During Playoffs 5 minute sudden death, if still tied after the 5 minutes. A three player shootout with decide the game.